Will ‘Gangnam Style’s’ Hwang ‘Little PSY’ Min-Woo be a Global Star in 2013?

After blowing up so quickly within the last six months, it would be a stretch to predict that PSY will have an even better year in 2013. After reaching more than 1 billion views on YouTube with “Gangnam Style,” it’s unlikely that PSY could outdo himself with a bigger single.

So who will take up the mantle after PSY? One artist to possibly look out for in 2013 is 7-year-old actor and dancer Hwang Min-Woo. Who is this kid, and why is he important? If you’ve watched “Gangnam Style,” you’ll recall that he’s the little PSY look-alike dancing in the sandbox at the beginning of the video with the same swagger as his big mentor.

Little PSY’s already well-known in the Korean pop culture scene after his appearance on “Korea’s Got Talent.” He’s also got a commercial deal with LG, and he’s not stopping there.

In a recent interview with Reuters, he told the reporter: “I will become a global star who is more famous than PSY. I will perform in the United States, London, France and the Philippines.”

Watch Hwang Min-Woo shine in this YouTube performance, and keep your eyes peeled for him in 2013.