Woman Tasered For Buying Too Many iPhones: Did She Deserve It? [VIDEO]

Did you know there is an iPhone purchase limit of 2 per customer?

I didn’t know that, but I guess the Apple Store policy is in place to prevent roving cabals of smartphone scalpers from cornering the “useful electronics” market. I saw the same thing happen with dishwashers back in the mid-eighties. Of course, everyone was so coked up during that decade, who really knows what they saw?

The bottom line is, no shit, some lady got tasered because she had the gall to try and purchase more than the store limit. And here’s the kicker: I think she totally deserved it. When we become too attached to our technology — and this is a valuable lesson to new media folk everywhere — sometimes we get fried.

The backstory is, the 44-year-old Chinese national Xiaojie Li went to the Apple Store in Nashua, New York intent on purchasing several iPhone 5’s with the intent of sending them back to her relatives in China. She brought $16 thousand in cash and was hell-bent on getting her smartphone on. When the clerk declined to sell her the additional phones, she made a big stink about it and stormed off. THEN, she had the bright idea of purchasing the phones online and setting shipping for “in-store pickup.” Apparently, the clerks realized what she was up to and voided the deal. The clerks then asked her to leave the store, and she did not (apparently later stating that she didn’t understand what they were asking — you know, cuz of the whole language thing). At that point, a policeman working mall security duty was called in and shit got crazy.

The policeman, who is unidentified in the story, decided that the woman was being unruly and so he dropped a few thousand volts on her ass. Welcome to America. The hilarious part is that due to her getting tased in an Apple Store, EVERYONE had a smartphone to film the event. I bet this arrest was filmed by more angles than a Michael Bay explosion, so keep watch on YouTube for additional footage.

Nashua PD are standing by the actions of their officer, stating that he followed standard (and apparently not that uncommon) protocol. I guess this two-iPhone limit catches people by surprise a lot.

For bonus fun, watch the video where Li’s goofy-looking heavyset American “fiance” whines as she sits sullenly beside him. I’m not calling mail-order bride on this situation … oh wait, yes I am.



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