Wong Fu’s ‘When It Counts’ Star Aimee Lee Lucas Talks Moving From Dance To The YouTube Screen

In Wong Fu’s newest mini series collaboration with AT&T, “When It Counts,” K-pop dancer Aimee Lee Lucas makes her acting debut in a series that has everyone asking: Do nice guys always finish last?

Aimee plays Anna, a drama-causing heartbreaker on her college dance team who has stolen the heart of Matt, her nice but clueless dance partner. Viewers are pulled into the drama through vlog videos created by lead character Tammy, played by hip hop dancer Yuri Tag, who eventually finds herself in competition with Anna for the affection of Matt. While Matt likes Anna who likes some random dancer wearing tassels, Tammy waits patiently on the sidelines leaning on her friend Justin, who secretly has a crush on her. A complicated love triangle later, “When It Counts” will have struck a familiar cord for all those who have ever been seen as “just a friend.”

While Aimee’s character in “When It Counts” is the center of drama for the team, in real life she couldn’t be more different. Bubbly and down to earth, Aimee is one of those rare people that can quickly turn an interview into a conversation that feels like it is being shared between friends. Originally a ballet dancer, Aimee joined the hip hop scene in college and has grown to international fame as a choreographer and performer for many famous K-pop artists such as Big Bang, Tae Yang, G-Dragon and Se7en. Currently, Aimee is the founder and teacher of MVP (Music Video Party) K-pop Dance Classes. As founder of MVP, Aimee’s dream is to empower young girls through dance to follow their own dreams. Aimee has her own YouTube channel chronicling MVP’s performances, and her work on “When It Counts” has given her even more valuable experience in connecting with fans in interactive ways. An incredibly talented performer, Aimee and I spent our interview talking about the concept of friend zoning and if she would ever give film another try.

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