Yogscast’s Lewis Dresses Up As A Sexy Bee After Exceeding £60,000 Charity Goal [VIDEO]

Earlier this month, Simon and Lewis from Yogscast urged their fans to support their annual charity drive through Oxfam that helps Ethiopian farmers build modern beekeeping equipment. They enticed them to watch their live streams and buy Yogscast merchandise, subscriptions and their Christmas single so they could reach their goal of £60,000 ($96,702).

Well, it looks like their efforts paid off. In a YouTube video posted on Christmas Day, Simon, dressed up as Father Christmas, gave fans an update on their “Honeydew’s Honey Drive” campaign, and the results are astounding. Since setting up their JustGiving account and also live-streaming throughout the Christmas season, they have raised nearly £200,000 ($322,758.68).

As promised, Lewis paraded around in his sexy bee costume as Father Christmas gave him some “bee”-related gifts like a Justin Bieber photo book and the letter “b.”

Congratulations to Yogscast for reaching their goals in order to help Ethiopian farmers. You can still donate to “Honeydew’s Honey Drive” by clicking here.


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