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With Trinidad James, Big Boi came out and said he was true Atlanta, which is huge because Big Boi is Atlanta. Is there a West Coast rapper who you really would want to come out and say that your stuff was for real?

Man, Snoop Dog for sure. Snoop Dogg. It’d have to be Snoop.

Well, Snoop is getting in the YouTube game. He’s signed on with another studio. What do you think his reason is for wanting to jump on YouTube is?

I feel like being smart and staying on top of his business trying to get fans. YouTube got so many people. Like, you know, YouTube let’s you know there’s millions of people on YouTube. So just reading that, it makes me like, “Oh, I gotta be on YouTube. I gotta make sure I’m on it.” And I know Snoop Dogg feels the same way. And he got more access to people, so he’s gonna be on everything that happens, access with his fans.

Snoop started off really, really hard — “Murder Was the Case.” And now he’s not so hard. Does that ever bother you when a rapper starts with this really hard gangster persona and then goes into less serious stuff?

A lot of people will say that, but you don’t know what they going through. Maybe once at the beginning of his career he was going through so much, and then now he got what he got. He got what he want, he’s successful, so now he’s talking about different things, meeting new people. And life is changing, you know.

And he changed his name to Snoop Lion.

Yup, new fanbase.

Why do you think that’ll bring in a new fanbase?

He got everybody else [laughs].

A lot of rappers have personas. I’ve heard interviews with with Trinidad James, and he seems like a very normal, intelligent, very cool guy, but on stage he’s this maniac, a crazy dude. Do you think it’s important to have a persona as a public figure and as a rapper?

I believe so. Sometimes you got to get into character mode, because like Young Sam is a character, you know? Like Samuel Hansen, that’s my real name, that’s me, but Young Sam I got to get in character mode sometimes. Sometimes you just got to go crazy and lose it like whoo! 

That character of Young Sam, how is he different from Samuel?

I really don’t know. I don’t know if I could separate the two like that. Really the same people, but Young Sam is more turnt up. Samuel Hansen is more aware of things.

On that same note, I was on your Facebook last night, and you said you had to do a bunch of community service or else you were going to go to jail. Can you talk about that at all?

Community service. I need to do that, make sure you’re on top of your things. But right now, “TRAPfornia,” that’s what I’m on, that’s why like I really want to come out with this album for my fans, and like, I have this dance CD called “Jdc3,” and both of them come out December 19th, and I want to really deliver that to my fans, so I’m like, “I’m gonna finish this project, and then I’m gonna do them hours.”

But you have to do them by the end of the year. 60 hours.

Yeah, I’m gonna make it happen in about 11 days.

What do you think you’re gonna do?

Grind. Grind. I’m gonna make it happen.

You grew up in South Central. How much of growing up in South Central has affected your music and affected “TRAPfornia?”

December 19th. For real, December 19th — that’s going to tell the tale right there.

So people just need to listen to the album, and they’ll know all about growing up in South Central?

Yeah, they gonna know how it affect me. Yeah.

Why “TRAPfornia”? Why call it that?

Cause that’s where like I stay, that’s where I’m from, and that’s what I wanted to represent with this project, to let people see another side of me and wanted to tell another tale on my YouTube. Like so many people used to the dancing and all that, and people don’t know this other side, so I wanted to tell another tale. It’s like a timeline, you know, like I was saying with YouTube. Like right now I’m going through  “TRAPfornia” stage. Like after this I may go through something else, then one day someone is going to look back through all of that like, “Dang, this dude is really on the road to be legendary.”

And you know some of the most famous rappers in the world have come from South Central and L.A. What is “TRAPfornia” going to bring that we haven’t seen before from other rappers that tells a story of South Central?

It’s going to be unique, very unique, because I’m a different artist, and I’m coming from the heart and just doing my thing. It’s going to be different.

Do you have any other West Coast rappers beside Snoop Dogg that you would love to collaborate with?

Right now, not really. I want to just grind it out and perfect my craft. So once I get to a level of collaborating with them, it’s on, and we’re going to make millions of views and the fans gonna love it.

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