YouTube Animation Channel Rug Burn Drops By To Share Exclusive Premiere Episode of ‘Axe Cop’

The animation studios behind Cartoon Network’s “Metalocalypse” and Mondo Media’s “Dick Figures” are teaming up to launch a brand new YouTube animation channel, Rug Burn. The two studios, according to some brutally bloodthirsty press information, will be competing for the greatest self-worth currency there is – YouTube views.

 Chris Prynoski, president and co-founder of animation studio Titmouse explained, ““We are cartoon-fist-punching each other in the face with Rug Burn.” The first offering to the cruel gods of YouTube will be animation studio Six Point Harness’ “Axe Cop.”

“Our team is throwing the first punch with Axe Cop,” said Brendan Burch, head of Six Point Harness. Burch added, “Our overall goals are to launch amazing animated properties and build the Rug Burn brand, but we’re also keeping score. The total view tally for the output of each studio will be carefully counted, and the team in the lead will not be gracious in victory.”

The “Axe Cop” animated series is being adapted from a comic series of the same name, which is written by an 8-year-old boy and drawn by his 32-year-old brother. It is a wonderfully madcap comic series that was practically begging to be made into a cartoon series. Luckily, it is in good hands. Six Point Harness is the studio responsible for producing Tom Hank’s original animated YouTube series “Electric City.”

 Rug Burn will also feature shows like the revenge-fantasy musical “Majestic Loincloth” and the mysterious “Duke of Fancy.”

Lucky for everyone reading this and unlucky for those too good to click on a link about cartoons, the fine folks at Rug Burn have given us an advanced look at episode one of “Axe Cop.”

Check it out below and don’t forget to stay tuned for more Rug Burn shows in the near future.


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