YouTube Gift Guide: What to Buy For The Citizen Journalist In Your Life

In all seriousness, the vast majority of citizen journalists aren’t going to be doing something as ambitious as breaking into the CIA and leaking classified documents. However, they have a passion, and what they believe in is their duty to hold the powers that be accountable and documenting what goes on in their community.

With that said, it’s not an easy task finding a gift that’s right for them. Here are four suggestions for that ambitious citizen journalist in your life.

Veho MUVI Micro Digital Recorder – $42.78

This camera from Veho is not only portable but can be used in all types of coverage from extreme sports to highly sensitive issues that would otherwise make your regular camera useless. With a Micro SD card, you can record up to 16 GB of footage.

Livescribe 4GB Pen Recorder – $193.90 & Livescribe Single Subject Spiral Notebook – $24.99

f you’ve got some money to spend, this interesting gadget will make your citizen journalist ready for the future. The Livescribe 4GB Pen Recorder let you record everything you hear, write or say. If you’re using Livescribe’s dedicated notebooks, it will capture the exact location of everything the Pen Recorder writes or draws.

AViiQ Portable Charging Station – $59.00

For the Citizen Journalist on the go, you have to figure out which equipment to bring when communicating or filming events. Luckily, this tool organizes all your important power chargers into one package. You can charge up to four USB-enabled devices with the AViiQ Portable Charging Station. At $59, this could be a good deal in the long run.

Tenba Messenger Photo/Laptop Bag – $104.95

Need your camera and your laptop at the same time? This messenger has the capacity to hold a DSLR camera body, three lenses, flashes and other camera accessories. You can also customize the bag to fit in your laptop when you’re on double duty filming and writing.

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