YouTube Gift Guide: What To Buy For The Beauty Guru In Your Life

I have to be honest — I am quite possibly the worst makeup artist of all time. As a girl who is out the door after one stroke of mascara and a dab of chapstick, the world of cover up, nail polish and blush has always been a bit foreign to me. But, being the only female in this office, the role of putting together the holiday beauty list has fallen upon me.

Lucky for you dear readers, while I might not be the best girl to do your make up, for the past five years I have lived with girls who LOVE doing/watching/talking about anything beauty related! I absorbed it all and can now put all those hours of being my roommates’ makeup guinea pig to good use. In the list below, for the YouTube beauty gurus in your life,  you will find thoughtful and practical gifts that won’t break the bank this holiday season!


Sephora Bags and Cases– $9- $110

The perfect gift for the on-the-go YouTube artists, these makeup bags are perfect when traveling from event to event. YouTube beauty gurus can stay organized and prepared with these bags that slip seamlessly from a suitcase into your purse.


Cosmetic Makeup Brush Holder– $13

To keep the area in front of the webcam free of clutter, every YouTube makeup artist should invest in a good makeup brush holder.


e.l.f. Nail Polish Collection– $15

With every color under the sun, this e.l.f. OPI nail polish set is a go-to for late night touch ups right before an event.


e.l.f. Makeup Collection– $20

This essential 83 piece makeup collection is the perfect starter kit for YouTubers to experiment with when planning their upcoming shows.

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