UPDATED: Creators Tell NMR What They Think About the New YouTube Layout [EXCLUSIVE]

After quietly rolling out their new layout to a select few, YouTube finally launched their new interface yesterday. The YouTube Creator Blog says that the new design will help creators “build a bigger, more connected audience by improving new channel discovery, simplifying subscriptions, and keeping [their] fans plugged in and aware of [their] new videos no matter where they are.”

A key change that YouTube stresses is the improved placement of the subscribe button, which is now located right below videos the viewer is watching. I think that this is the perfect call-to-action placement because it now guides the viewer to subscribe once they are finished watching the video.

Another thing you’ll also notice is that YouTube now has a new guide to navigate through the channels you’re subscribed in. This guide will be available on every page of the site, as well on their mobile device, tablet and TV. This move definitely shows that YouTube is trying to transition to be more like television, which is great, in my opinion, because it makes accessing my subscriptions a lot easier.

NMR had a chance to speak with some of the biggest YouTube influencers on their thoughts about the new layout.

“New YouTube is interesting. I definitely see the emphasis on the video player and subscriber module. Our first episode on new YouTube comes out [December 11], so I’m excited to see how it plays out for us. I’ve always been a fan of change and simplicity, so let’s see how it goes.”

– Harley, Epic Meal Time

“While it will take a little bit to get used to, from a viewers standpoint it makes sense. The subscriber module follows you everywhere, and the video is the thing featured most prominently on the watch page. People in general hate change, and because this is such a huge change visually, people will take a little while to adapt. It will catch on in my opinion though.” –  Dane Boe (Creator of Annoying Orange)

“I think the same thing I always think when YouTube changes – it is jarring and I hate change – but then I am fine once I get used to it! :-)” – Michael Buckley

“I think it’s graphically more clean and approachable, and I hope that will result in more engaged users on the site and better discoverability for new creators. But we’ve all come to expect and enjoy a certain system, and when that system gets messed with, well, it can be pretty frustrating. ” – Hank Green

“I am loving the clean design, and am excited to see how fans respond!” – CarlieStylez from Maker Studios’ TheMomsView

“YouTube just got a little more complicated, but I guess we’ll have to get used to it” – David Choi


Other than recommendations, there seems to be no simple one-click way to see what is relevant and going viral and/or popular in any way on the site when you are logged in – the epitome of this issue is the removal of the “browse” button. The engaged users of the site — the primary active subscribers, commenters, etc. — utilize the browse page and access the logged out homepage lists to discover new content and channels to subscribe. We’ll have to see what happens, but the site’s last change already did not do a good job rewarding successful content. With the new layout, though great in many ways to emphasize subscriptions, it is limiting the ability for a show to become a hit or even an established show to continue to grow inside of the YouTube ecosystem.” – Benny Fine

“Like all change, people are going to be initially shocked but will adapt. Right now there’s a gap between those who are logged out –  the majority – and the community that’s logged in, so I think the biggest concern is whether this will really impact views. When I asked about the redesign on Twitter, people are liking how clean it looks, that it’s helping video discovery and the Google+ integration potential, but really dislike how hard it is to find your actual subscriptions.” – Sarah Penna (Big Frame Co-Founder)

“The vast majority of video views come from users who are not logged into the site and who don’t engage Youtube as a daily platform like SMS or Television. The redesign aims to boost engagement. I hope it’s a rising tide that lifts all boats.” – Tay Zonday

“Change happens. I have no negative comments… YouTube pays my bills.” – Hannah Hart

“”I eagerly await the next iteration so everyone can complain about that one and say how this one was the best.” – Freddie W.

“I think the new design will definitely attract wider subscriptions from those viewers who might not have opted to register before and will increase the value of a subscriber for creators,” – Mike Palmer, SVP Alloy Digital / Co-Founder Clevver Media

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