YouTube NextUp 2012 Offers Creators A Chance To Collaborate For $7,000

Hey, all you mad dreamers out there slaving away on your YouTube channels worried that you’re going to die poor and alone! YouTube, through their Nextup contest, wants to help you with both of those concerns! For the 2012 iteration of their annual contest, YouTube wants you to partner up with another creator for a chance to win fabulous prizes. The Nextup contest, which was started in 2011, is a way for YouTube to connect with its dedicated creators and help move them along in their learning and development. The “why” is simple: Better creators make better content, and better content brings in more viewers which translates to more ad revenue. This isn’t rocket science, people.

This year though, Nextup has a theme: the competition is asking you to find another creator with whom you would collaborate well with, and the two of you can dream up your ultimate partner channel. Pitch it to Nextup by December 27, 2012 and the two of you (or more if there is a whole gaggle of you who are really good at sharing) will have a chance at the big brass ring. Here’s the sweetest bite of the popsicle though: technically, there are 30 brass rings. Yup, YouTube will be selecting the 30 best channels, so don’t worry about there being someone out there who is more proficient at filming than you are. Definitely worry if there are 30 people more proficient at filming than you are though. Per the YouTube Creator’s blog:

If you’re selected as one of the top 30 channels, you will receive:

  • $3,000 to help you make your video dreams a reality
  • $4,000 of production equipment to up-level your skills
  • Two one week-long Creator Camps at the brand-new “YouTube Space LA” in January and March 2013 to film your collaboration and to learn some more tips and tricks of the trade.

You can apply through the Nextup program site. But realistically you don’t have to worry about winning. I’ve already dreamed up a collaboration between me, iJustine, Taryn Southern, Jenna Marbles and Olga Kay, where we engage in the world’s craziest ticklefight. Good luck, runners up everywhere.   

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