YouTube Original Channels Coming Soon To Virgin America Flights

YouTube’s original channel initiative is heading upwards of 35,000 feet to a Virgin America seat near you.

Starting later this month, the airline’s video on demand entertainment system will feature some offerings from diverse YouTube channels such as H+ The Digital Series, WIGS, Crash Course and Barely Political.

In a YouTube blog post, YouTube marketing manager Kate Berland wrote: “Bringing YouTube aboard Virgin America is part of a larger effort to bring you more of the videos you love, at heights you’ve never seen them before.”

Berland added that new series and shows will be available every two months.

This is the YouTube original channel initiative’s first in-flight entertainment deal, and it is important because it gives the video-streaming site an opportunity to market their web series to a different audience. With airlines shifting to on-demand entertainment devices, it’s no surprise that an airline like Virgin America is thinking outside the box and courting YouTube original channels for their selections.

The Virgin America deal is also important for YouTube because it’s another test to see if its $100 million original channel initiative will encourage more people to watch their programming. If they’re seriously trying to court more big-name advertisers and viewers, then expanding beyond computers and smart TVs would be a reasonable idea to consider.

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