YouTube Personality Qaadir Howard Dishes on TYT’s ‘Pop Trigger,’ Celebrity Gossip with NMR [INTERVIEW]

With social media constantly on the brain of everyone here at NMR — true story, last night I had a nightmare about a tweet gone horribly wrong — there isn’t much celebrity gossip being slung around from desk to desk. Trust me, I’ve tried, but engaging these guys in a debate about Kate Winslet’s secret marriage ends in headphones being plugged in and me being tuned out. It’s a sad life for a gossip junkie like myself, but luckily I’m no longer alone in my quest to bridge celebrity gossip and the world of social media.

The Young Turks YouTube network is adding yet another show to their incredibly successful lineup to cover the world of pop culture. TYT’s newest creation, “Pop Trigger,” discusses the best, the worst and the most random aspects of celebrity gossip. A series regular, YouTube personality Qaadir graces the show with his no-holds-barred-here-is-what-I-think opinions that are both original and incredibly entertaining. In a brief 4 minute episode, viewers are treated to pop topics ranging from Hollywood’s most overpaid actors to why Nick Cannon would ever masturbate to wife Mariah Carey’s song “Hero.” This show contains no cue cards or teleprompters — it only runs on the uncensored opinions of guests appearing on the show. NMR friend Qaadir took time from filming to sit down with me to discuss the big questions: How this show gives a new spin to the age-old topic of celebrity gossip, and if Hugh Hefner is going to marry or die first.

How did you get involved in “Pop Trigger,” and how is it going so far?

Qaadir: Well, how I got involved in “Pop Trigger” was I met Shane Dawson, and through Shane Dawson, I met Bree Essrig. And Bree Essrig is the one who brought me in to do “Pop Trigger,” so that’s the short on that.

How has it been working with the Young Turks?

Here’s the thing: I don’t necessarily work with the Young Turks. They do their thing, and then “Pop Trigger” comes in and they do their thing. But from the people who I have met, they are very kind, so I can say that. But in reference to work, we haven’t really worked together as of yet.

What have you enjoyed most about this show?

Honestly, the people. The topics they come and go, and it is what it is. I mean, celebrity gossip is fun to talk about, but you know how it is when you’re talking to someone who isn’t really interested, and then there is no point in having a conversation by yourself. In that case you could just go in your room and have your conversation by yourself.

Do you ever get nervous going online and sharing your opinions on the show?

No. I think the only thing I get nervous about, if I ever do get nervous in reference to giving opinions, is when you’re dealing with the show, you’re not in control, so to speak. Then the editing and all these different factors play into it and then something that you said can be made into a different way. And I think about “Pop Trigger” in particular, if I were to be nervous, that would be one thing is editing — how are they going to take my words and make it come off as?

Because pop culture is discussed everywhere, how is this show giving a new spin to that?

It’s just a first. Well, one of the things that is different is it’s a really short show. It’s just a burst of one topic and let’s keep a move-on. It’s a burst; it’s not an hour-long show where we are talking about for so long. A lot of those shows are great, but it’s a short burst of excitement or whatever the case may be.

So let’s start on the celebrity questions — do you think Jessica Simpson is pregnant again?

You know what? I believe that because — here is the thing about her, she looks slimmer obviously, but she’s looking like she’s putting on a couple pounds, and I don’t think it’s because of her eating. I think it’s because there is a bun in the oven.

If you were stuck in an elevator one day, would you rather be with Honey Boo Boo’s family or the original cast of “Teen Mom”?

You know what? You’re not going to believe this, but I would go with Honey Boo Boo! I would go with Honey Boo Boo!

Is it because you want to try her special drink and see what the effects are like?

[laughs] Truthfully I’d want to be with Honey Boo Boo’s family because they are a hot wretched mess. I mean, they are a hot mess. “They are just a hot mess” is actually a compliment for what they actually are. But you want to know something? Here’s something I can appreciate. Honey Boo Boo’s family they are hot mess, and they know they hot messes, even though mama June be trying to clean it up. I think for the most part she owns; she’s like, “Listen, we are country bumpkins,” and that’s okay. It is what it is, you know what I’m saying? But these Teen Moms, it’s something like this: Honey Boo Boo, that’s who she was going to be regardless. A lot of these Teen Mom’s I feel like, “Girl, you were just a wretched girl to begin with. It wasn’t your family, it’s not because you were in a bad situation, it’s because you decided that you were just going to go out and be loose, and you fell off your pills, girl, and suddenly now you’re pregnant.” Where now Honey Boo Boo, you know she is in that situation. They really didn’t have a chance, that’s all I’m saying. They are just one of those people who are what they are because they didn’t have a chance versus these queens who had opportunity and still went the wrong route.

Hugh Hefner and his girlfriend just got back together — do you think that Hugh Hefner is going to have a heart attack first or actually get married?

I think that he’s going to get married and then have the heart attack. I think that is exactly what she wants, because let’s just face the music. Yeah okay, maybe I do believe that you could fall in love with someone older, but let’s just keep it real: This is someone who is older who likes to be with not just Krystal, but a bunch of other women, and she knows that, and she’s okay with that so long as those coins are around. I can guarantee if tomorrow she woke up and found out she was broke, no money, she had all of one thousand dollars in the bank account left, girl, she would be out! Child, please! She would be out before you could blink your eyes.


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