YouTube Rapper Krispy Kreme Wants John Cena Gifts For Christmas [VIDEO]

The YouTube rap artist formerly known as Krispy Kreme — you can thank those heartless copyright lawyers from the donut company for his name change — is out with his very own gift list in his latest video titled “Christmas.” Dressed up in an elf outfit and, and in some scenes, pajamas emblazoned with his favorite WWE wrestler, the “Southern-speaking” rapper lists his love for cute girls with cute butts and most importantly, John Cena.

So what’s number one on his list? Go figure, Krispy Kreme wants that new John Cena action figure. It’s unclear from this video if Krispy Kreme is genuinely obsessed with John Cena or if the WWE somehow involved him in an awkward Christmas viral video marketing scheme. What is clear is that this hilarious Christmas rap has gone viral with nearly 2 million views.

A couple of weeks after this video went up on his YouTube channel, the rapper announced that he was changing his name because of a letter sent to his father from the donut company. So long Krispy Kreme, and hello Froggy Fresh!

To all the John Cena and WWE fans out there, merry Christmas, and enjoy the video below:


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