YouTube Video Scores Viral Football Kicker Job Interview With the NY Jets

This is one from the “dreams do come true” file.Remember that video that went incredibly viral a couple months back of a young guy basically stunt-kicking the shit out of a football? If not, watch the video below and prepare to be awestruck. For everyone else, it turns out that this YouTube thing can be a pretty awesome free marketing tool. Of course, it can also be a pretty horrible marketing tool if someone posts a video of you lighting your cock on fire. So keep both of these things in mind.

The video, which showcases 27-year-old Norwegian man Havard Rugland as he, amongst other spectacular tricks, place-kicks footballs well in excess of 60 yards (the all-time NFL record for a field goal kick is 63 yards), has been viewed by over half a million people. And one of those viewers just so happened to be someone from the New York Jets football organization.

The Jets these days are basically a whorehouse team, hellbent on attracting publicity (see: their acquisition of media darling Tim Tebow), and auditioning a kicker from YouTube certainly falls into their media-generating tactics. But that does not cheapen Rugland’s achievement in any way. It is exciting to see real talent (even unusual talent) blossom and even more exciting to see it happen on YouTube. Once again, it gives average joes like me a little something to hope for (actually, since this is America, my biggest hope is that Rugland strikes it rich and then hits me with his Ferrari so I can sue his ass and make millions).

Having taken his tryout this week, Rugland seem optimistic about his chances: “It went well. “They tested me on field goals and kickoffs. Obviously you feel a little more pressure here, but I stayed pretty calm.”

Instead of kicking, I foolishly decided to make my talent “being fat and whiny.” I feel now like I chose wrong.



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