YouTube’s Top Personalities Get Together For The Most Epic Collaboration Video of 2012

As 2012 slowly comes to an end, the team at YouTube took some time to analyze which were the top 10 videos of the year based on views, shares, searches, parodies, remixes, and responses. YouTube then assembled a team of some of the top creators to produce one of the most epic collaboration videos of all time. The video is meant to pay homage and to relive the most viral videos of 2012. You can check out the video below, be sure to look for cameo’s from NMR’s past rockstar features including DeStorm, MysteryGuitarMan, Peter Chao, Dave Days, Kassem G, Smosh, and more!

*BONUS: Be sure to click around as the video plays for some easter eggs!

Here is YouTube’s official list of the top 10 trending videos of 2012:

  1. PSY – Gangnam Style: This crazy Korean pop music video surprised the world. It’s on track to hit 1B views and has become the most viewed video of all time in just six months.
  2. Walk off the Earth: The most-viewed cover song of 2012, otherwise known as “5 people, 1 guitar” attracted 140 million views this year.
  3. KONY 2012: For one week, this was the most-shared video in the world. The cause-based video was March’s top search and garnered the most views ever for a YouTube video in a single day (31 million).
  4. Call Me Maybe – Bieber, Gomez, Pena: This video covering the song of the summer kicked of a trend of lip sync videos that spanned from the Harvard baseball team and celebs to Olympians and the President (sort of)
  5. Epic Rap Battles – Obama vs. Romney: This episode, featuring well-known Obama impersonator Alphacat, is from YouTube’s “Epic Rap Battles” which drew over 250 million views this year (that’s 25 million views per episode). It also points to a larger 2012 trend: videos of Obama and Romney were viewed well over 2 billion times.
  6. Dramatic Surprise: What happens when you place a mysterious sign in the middle of a Flemish square? The world wanted to know as this video brought in 25 million views in the first week it was posted, with 10 different countries viewing it over 1 million times each.
  7. Why You Asking All Them Questions: Comedian Emmanuel Hudson’s popularity exploded this year, especially in the southern U.S. with almost half of this video’s 39 million views coming from mobile devices.
  8. Lindsey Sterling: Lindsey’s trademark dubstep violin styles created a lot of buzz this year- especially in the U.S., Germany and Poland. This video, which was shot by fellow YouTube creator Devin Graham, has over 500,000 likes and 100,000 comments. 
  9. Facebook Parenting: A father’s reaction to his daughter’s Facebook post set off a storm of controversy, discussion, and response videos, with 11 million views in just one day.
  10. Stratos Highlights: This live stream of Felix Baumgartner’s free-fall from 128,000 feet shattered previous live stream records with 8 million concurrent views. Since then, 14,000 videos have been posted mentioning “Felix Baumgartner” and the recording posted to YouTube has attracted 30 million views.

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