YuleTube Plugin Makes Nasty YouTube Comments More Cheerful This Christmas

Christmas is less than 24 hours away, and the last thing you’d want to do is spend hours upon hours in the lower depths of Hell — also known as the YouTube comments section. If there’s anything that is the opposite of holiday cheer and jovial fun, it’s reading through the endless negative bile of the comments section and trying to wade your way around the personal attacks, trolling and god-awful spam.

Fortunately, London-based digital and production studio Nation developed a browser extension called YuleTube that makes the comments section more jolly and “turns the troll’s comments from naughty into something nice!” It swaps curse words with festive ones like “reindeer,” “presents” and “cheery.”

Here’s a sampling of comments from a music video before I installed the YuleTube app:

Once I added the YuleTube app for my Mozilla Firefox browser, it’s become less puke and more yule:

Avoid the Christmas blues and download the YuleTube extension for your Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari Browser. However, if you’re using Internet Explorer, it’s only lumps of coal for you.

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