3rd Screaming Sheep Video Isn’t Quite As Dynamic As First Two, Still Gold [VIDEO]

Any day I get to write about “screaming sheep” is a day to write home about.

While the original “screaming sheep” video is vastly superior, this third iteration is still a delightful romp through a whimsical world where animals don’t bleat, or bark, or moo — they scream. Terrible ululations emit from these beasts of burden, who, behind cages, seem to know the pain of a life poorly lived. I hold up my lighter in solidarity to you, tiny creatures.

This latest video from the user “AjQ2891” (I get the vibe he hails from a terrifying future where humans are not summoned by name, but by number), the maker of the original “screaming sheep,” and I’ve got to say, this cat has clearly found his niche. Who knew that syncing up human anguish to farm animals would yield such Adsense paydirt? Good work, my friend.

Also it doesn’t hurt that the popular TV show host Ellen Degeneres apparently pimped this video on her program. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.



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