4 Easy Ways to Get More Traffic and Followers on Your Tumblr

In case you didn’t know, a recent study pointed out that teenagers and young adults prefer Tumblr over Facebook. It’s no wonder that some of the most memorable memes of last year have been helped by the tastemakers on the rapidly-growing microblogging site. And unless you have the next cat meme on your Tumblr, you should be doing everything you can to give your Tumblr account more exposure. Here are four tips to help you get more pageviews and followers on your Tumblr.

Post Images That Capture Their Attention

Tumblr has become a hub for the wildest, craziest, most enthralling and fascinating images to grace the internet at any given minute. It’s imperative to have images on your Tumblr not only because it gives your site more character, but also because it attracts other users who are always looking for the latest and greatest in photos and GIFs. Tumblr strongly reflects the visual generation that demands images with their content. Text in and of itself may captivate a few of your readers, but if you’re not posting images on your blog, then people aren’t going to share your Tumblr very often.

Focus On A Single Subject

What we’ve noticed while on the hunt for cool Tumblrs is that the most-talked about blogs focus on a single subject. It also helps if your Tumblr if you have a sense of humor. Last year saw the rise of Tumblrs like “Rich Kids of Instagram” and “Texts From Hilary,” both of which skewered the rich and powerful. Other single-subject Tumblrs make more serious social statements like the “Nice Guys of OKCupid” Tumblr, which exposes the split, and perhaps sexist, personalities of online dating users. The possibilities are endless, so blog what you know best, and your fans will find you.

Always Keep Posting

Unless your Tumblr thrives on mystery, if you want to keep a consistent fanbase, keep posting every day. Just remember to always tag your posts with as many phrases as possible, especially relevant phrases like “kittens” or “photography” in order for more people to check out your Tumblr. If you don’t tag, you won’t get noticed.

Choose The Ideal Theme

Since Tumblr is a highly-visual social media network, having the right design for your Tumblr site could determine whether you have a 100 people or a 1,000 people viewing your site every day. The social media site already has dozens of themes to choose from depending on your tastes. There are themes that appeal to visual artists and minimalists alike. If you don’t want your Tumblr to look like the ones offered for free, you can make your own HTML theme or pay extra for a customized one. Your theme reflects the identity of your Tumblr, so customize it wisely.

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