4chan Founder ‘moot’ Pops Up In Anamanaguchi Music Video [VIDEO]

You should be a pretty big fan of “moot” and seizures if you’re going to sit all the way through this video just to see the 4chan cofounder.

Chris ‘moot” Poole is back to his old trick of popping up in places he has no earthly business being. This time, its eating chips (correction: chip) inside a pink bunny suit as a sort of easter egg after the end credits of a music video (?) for the band Anamanaguchi. Yeah, I have all their albums too.

Anamanaguchi is known at all the sweater-wearing, Pictionary-playing dinner parties I guess I didn’t go to, for their loud, fast “chip-punk” music, which incorporates an old-school NES as a prominent instrument. The question is: what is moot doing tucked away in their video? That guy is becoming the fucking Waldo of the internet. It’s doubly interesting because the band felt the need to identify him on screen. It sort of smacks of a “look who we got” kind of thing instead of just letting shit be and allowing those in the know to just be like “Ahh, I see what you did there …” Rookie mistake, Anamanaguchi.

The band is next playing January 20th at Webster Hall in NYC, so if anyone has an extra seat in their car …



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