5 Creative Ways To Use Annotations On Your Youtube Videos

YouTube creators have many ways of interacting with their audience. One important way that creators encourage audience participation is by making entertaining content. When you don’t have the content that pulls viewers to your channel, you won’t have the interaction you want. Another way of interacting with the audience that is sometimes overlooked by creators is through video annotations. While some may find links and thought bubbles in videos annoying, annotations add context, encourage viewers to subscribe to the channel, and they help YouTube creators promote related videos without stating the obvious in their video.

Here are five creative ways of using annotations for all your YouTube videos.

1. Add More Context To Your Video

The MovieClips channel has perfected the art of annotation. Not only do they use annotations to link to related clips, but they add detailed links based on genre, actors and related videos like “Best Pickup Lines” or “Best Action Scenes.” Their annotations are very sophisticated and detailed and has helped to make them one of the most-viewed channels on YouTube. Linking to other related videos, as well as adding related video information and links, helps viewers easily understand your video and your brand.

2. Showcase Related Videos

Another creative way to use annotations is through promoting related videos. At the end of most of JustKiddingFilms’ videos, Joe Jo appeals to their viewers to check out a behind the scenes clip of the skit they just saw in one of the boxes as well as one of their related channels and videos in another box. See how they promote their other videos in this most recent JustKiddingFilms skit below:

3. Choose Your Adventure

Comedy channels like TotallySketch often use annotations as part of their “choose your adventure” sketches, where users decide from two or three options as to where the skit will go next. TotallySketch’s use of annotations make the viewing experience more interactive and consequently increase video views when viewers want to see what options they have before them. Check out how TotallySketch make their “choose your adventures” fun in one of their clips below:

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