5 New Year’s Resolutions YouTube Creators Should Keep In 2013

Following through New Year’s resolutions isn’t an easy task. We can’t count how many times we’ve promised ourselves that we’d stay in shape, finish that novel and learn Mandarin, yet it seems like most of us break our resolutions rather than fulfill them.

For YouTube creators, many of you are trying to make 2013 much better than last year. It’s not just about point, shoot, edit, upload and hoping your video will go viral — it’s also about thinking beyond the usual weekly vlog updates and successful sketches. Here are five New Year’s resolutions YouTube creators should keep in 2013.

Thinking Outside The Creative Box

Don’t just go into 2013 on autopilot and continue making it a habit of recording your latest vlog in your studio or sticking with ideas that have worked in the past. Look at 2013 as the next chapter in your YouTube career. The world’s your oyster, so film some of your videos outside your comfort zone. If it’s a food vlog, for instance, check out someone else’s kitchen or a restaurant that you’ve always wanted to review. If you’re doing a solo comedy channel, collaborate with other comedians on an on-location skit. Whatever your genre, think outside the box in 2013.

Contests, Contests, Contests

Every once in a while, you may come up with an idea so great that you took extra time to perfect it and make it a reality. If you think your video has a compelling story or is visually pleasing, why not let other creators judge you? Make it a habit in 2013 to enter YouTube video contests. Keep NMR in mind in the New Year because we’ll be posting interesting contests you can enter when we get word of them.

Get Closer With Your Fans

It’s probably the easiest resolution you can make in 2013. Keeping your fans in the loop about what’s going on in your social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will hype them up for your next video. The more you get your fans excited, the more likely your fans will watch your latest video.

Be Regular With Your Uploads

Don’t run into the habit of creating and uploading videos just when you feel like it and hope that success will just happen. The most subscribed YouTube creators of all time have one thing in common — they update their channels regularly. If you want to be like Ray William Johnson or Smosh, make it a habit of creating content consistently.

Take a YouTube Creator Workshop

Now that the YouTube Creator Space in Los Angeles is open for business, expect them to have workshops throughout 2013. These workshops range from how to use the best lighting techniques for your videos to marketing your YouTube channel. Watch out for the next Los Angeles workshops by clicking here.

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