5 Pieces of Wisdom For New YouTube Creators From Self-Production Gurus Dormtainment [INTERVIEW]

So you want to start a YouTube channel. You’ve got your camera, your Mac and your dreams all packed up, and you’re hitting the road to find fame and fortune! (Are you pumped yet?)

With the oversaturation of streaming video channels clogging the internet, viewers are being pulled in every which direction, making it harder and harder for creators like yourself to develop a loyal fanbase. So how then can you build a channel that attracts more viewers than just your grandma and her cat companion Bootsie?

Have no fear, YouTube newbies, we’ve got your back! Sitting down to talk with my favorite YouTube entertainers — in our last interview they agreed to play a Skype drinking game with me that sealed our bonds of friendship forever — the gentlemen of Dormtainment shared their advice for others attempting to build a channel completely on their own. It hasn’t always been easy for these six friends — Cam, Rome, Mike, Amanuel, Chaz and Tay — who started their YouTube comedy channel Dormtainment back in 2009. Their first channel, which had over 200 videos, was flagged and deleted which in retrospect the guys say gave them a fresh start to create a channel that had an organized game plan. Each member of this group writes, films and edits for the channel, making them a true in-house production– a literal description since they share a three room apartment. Below, four of the group’s members — Cam, Chaz, Rome and Tay — share with you the eternal secrets to balancing the workload of self-production, recommendations for good equipment on a budget, and their most important advice: consistency, consistency, consistency.

1. Creating as a group can be a battle of artistic visions, but with the right balance of friendship and business savvy, it is also incredibly rewarding.

Dormtainment: Make sure you stay humble. That’s a key thing. A lot of people with a certain amount of views and notoriety get a big head from it, and it’s downhill from there. Definitely if you’re in the group y’all have to be about the group. It can’t be all me, me, me, I, I, I; it has to be about the group.

2. Each member of the group needs to know how to write, film and edit.

Dormtainment: Firstly we have to come up with the idea. We all brainstorm with different ideas. Once we pick an idea we write an outline and write jokes, and then we start writing the script and the story. Then we pick a date to shoot it, and once we shoot it, we edit it, and once we edit it, we upload it, and once we upload it, they view it, and once they view it, we get paid! [laughs] Oh okay, everybody does everything pretty much because we keep it all in house. Everybody writes, everybody films, and everybody edits as well, so those are our main three things that we make sure everybody can do.

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