5 Pieces of Wisdom For New YouTube Creators From Self-Production Gurus Dormtainment [INTERVIEW]

3. You can purchase good equipment on a budget. And don’t forget about audio!

Dormtainment: It all depends on your budget what you can afford, but at the minimum you need a nice camera. I would go with a Cannon 60D, or if you want to go a little cheaper, TII. That’s usually what most YouTubers are using now. But if you have money, I suggest you have a good camera, a good lens, Final Cut Pro, a Macbook Pro to edit on. One thing I don’t think anybody ever really talks about on YouTube is audio. You don’t need really, really expensive speakers, but let’s say you’re making a skit — somebody might miss a joke because there is so much room noise, or so much background noise if you’re shooting outside. There might be cars in the background, so a microphone is something people need to invest in and a good monitoring system.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gWNGXwQr6Fc?modestbranding=1;showinfo=0]

4. Self- production can lead to the truest version of your YouTube.

Dormtainment: When you are working with other people you have to wait on them and see their availability, so for us if we want an idea and we want to shoot it now, we can. We all live together, we all do editing, we write, so it’s easier for us just to get up and do it instead of waiting on people. The cons: Sometimes we may not have the means to do a bigger production because we don’t have enough people, or it’s six ideas and six people who have to agree on one idea, so sometimes that can be a little issue. I think there are more pros to doing it yourself than cons, because one, when you are going it yourself you can do it now, you can get it done. Also the artistic vision that you see for what you’re trying to get across that is complicated by outsiders. This is not diluted; it’s the purest creativity from us to the people.

5. If you get nothing else from this chat, ALWAYS remember to stay consistent.

Dormtainment: I think the biggest thing you have to do, if they are going to make videos for YouTube, they have to be consistent. If they aren’t consistent people will forget about you. We drop a new video every Sunday, keeping it in people’s faces. Once the videos are consistent, you also need to be able to take criticism because you know how internet is these days; everyone feels like they can hide behind a computer and say whatever they want to. Make sure you are making videos for the love of it and not just for the money. We actually love it. When we were just putting videos on Facebook and getting love from it, we just loved making people laugh. And if they don’t have a passion for it I don’t suggest doing it either. And then I would suggest that they get the right equipment, ‘cause without the quality these days they will get passed over.

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