5 Reasons Why Los Angeles is The Ultimate Hub For YouTube Creators

Ah, Los Angeles. You probably know a thing or two about this city already: there’s the perfect weather, the endless celebrity sightings and Lamborghini accidents, and the famous Hollywood sign that reminds all aspiring entertainers of what they can potentially achieve. For as long as many of us can remember, L.A. has been the place to be for anyone looking to make a career in mainstream entertainment. In the last year and a half, there’s been a wave of new media creators who have relocated to L.A. in hopes of making it big. If you’re a creator in any other part of the country, you’ve probably been asked the question before: “Why haven’t you moved to L.A.?”

So what are the reasons that make L.A. so great for both established and aspiring YouTube creators? Here are 5 reasons:

1. All the biggest and upcoming networks are based here

 According to comScore’s latest report, the top five YouTube networks are currently Fullscreen, Maker Studios, Machinima, Collective Digital Studio and Alloy Digital, respectively. All of these networks are either headquartered or have offices in L.A. Although these companies sign creators outside of L.A., we all know that having the ability consistently meet with the people we work with in person is much more beneficial to our careers in the long run. Aside from that, some of these networks have studios their creators can take advantage of, which can save a lot of hassle when it comes to producing video content.

2. It’s the best place to network and collaborate with other creators

Many of us know that one of the best ways to grow a YouTube channel is to simply collaborate with other talents. Aside from the fact that most of the top independent YouTube creators are based here, L.A. is also home to most networking events that are targeted towards the new media industry. Companies like DigitalLA and Tubefilter are consistently holding events where like-minded individuals can network and learn ways to improve as digital content creators. Also, don’t forget that VidCon (possibly the biggest convention for online video creators) is held here in the L.A. area every year.

3. It houses the best production resources for video creatives

Studios and those who own good production equipment are in abundance here in L.A. due to the the large entertainment industry stationed here.  For those who lack a budget, YouTube recently opened up their multi-million dollar creative space equipped with an editing room, recording studio, live stage, and more here in L.A. Creators who live nearby can apply to use this amazing facility for free.

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