An Ode to the 10 Most Influential Faces of Google+ — Now in Poem Form! [INFOGRAPHIC]

 “This world is a dark place”
Maybe some might fuss
But then they don’t subscribe
To one Google+

Where celebrities of all kinds
Gather to be
Ranked and judged
And followed, you see.

But there’s something mysterious
Going on over there,
Take a look at their top ten
And tell me you care?

Gaga has Twitter followers
Coming out of her ears
But here she’s second place
To Miss Britney Spears

Could that Google+ team
Be all drunk off of scotch?
Britney hasn’t been relevant
Since she showed us her crotch.

And lookit, Myspace Tom
He has a place on this list?
Doesn’t his company
Only barely exist?

Where’s Sergey Brin?
Not with Larry at three
Maybe he doesn’t value
True celebrity

And 7& 9
These guys aren’t famous a bit!
I guess people still matter
If I don’t give a shit.

Who’s left to be counted
Oh, Snoop Dogg’s at four!
Well I guess I can dig it
But wait! There’s still more!

How bout Usher and “Becks”
At the five and eight stations
Ooh! Such a damn waste
Of my online masturbations.

All these good tissues
And a list full of guys
I need some more T&A
Before this lube drys…

Well, wait what is this?
At the tail end of the line?
Ashley Tisdale at 10?
Yeah, she’ll do just fine.




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