Another One Bites The Dust: Video-Streaming Site ‘Stickam’ Shuts Down

And another one bites the dust. (*cue “Funeral March” to begin playing)

The company behind live streaming website Stickam recently announced that it will be shutting its doors for good at 11:59 p.m. PST tonight. Started in 2005, Stickam grew from just a personal vlogging site to streaming weekly shows — such as “Allstar Weekend” and “Guys from Queens” — and providing live coverage of events such as Vans Warped Tour and Cinefamily telethons. But despite their launch of Stickam Studios late last year, a collaboration with Meltdown Comics that was supposed to help the website continue growing by recording live shows from Sunset Boulevard, the video vlogging company is now singing the final verses of it’s swan song. And with their last breaths Stickam shares this loving note with all of you:

“We were here. We did this. Actually YOU were here, and you did this. Stickam was always about you, not “about us,” like most websites. And we appreciate you all, so so much. After seven wonderful years we are incredibly sad to have to say goodbye. We did everything we could to keep this dream alive, but unfortunately you are reading this message.”

A tough break guys, but I do hear Wetzel’s Pretzels is hiring!

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