Assh*les Ahoy: Check Out the 5 Most Hated Channels on YouTube

I’ve always sided with the villains. I liked Captain Hook better than Peter Pan, Darth Vader better than whiny ass Luke Skywalker, and Joseph Stalin better than … well, you know what? This article isn’t about me. This is about all the other assholes out there (well, the ones on YouTube anyway) who have made themselves the bane of other people’s existences.

I went digging online, not knowing what really made one person more trolled and hated than any other poster. And as I dug, I found a few names kept popping up at me, be it in comments, response videos, Urban Dictionary entries, or even entire websites dedicated to an intense dislike of a single person or channel. The evidence for each of these cases seems to be the entire web. You can enter any one of these names in a search engine or social media platform, and a torrent of negativity will flood up at you. As far as my love of villains goes, apparently, I’m right at home with these guys.

5. Peter Coffin

Peter Coffin earned himself a place on this list largely because he dared to “Te’o” long before “Te’oing” was cool. Yup, he invented an online girlfriend. Before Coffin’s fakery was exposed, he was just another internet comedian/troll mocking people with no repercussions. And then he picked on Asian blogger/model Xiaxue, taunting her about having had plastic surgery. And so, to dodge allegations of racism, Coffin revealed that he himself was dating an Asian girl. And he and his “girlfriend” Kimi Kobayashi carried on quite a public online romance until Xiaxue discovered the picture of his special lady was actually that of an unaware Korean actress. Coffin cried that he was the victim of a hoax as well, but the internet gave him a taste of his own medicine and he had to unplug. But now, a year later, he’s back online in a slightly more gentle format. The guy’s got 318 videos and still the first thing that pops up in the YouTube search bar when you type his name is “fake girlfriend.” This guy catches a bad rap because he acted like an asshole and then got caught being an actual asshole. It’s never an easy pill to swallow. But when it comes to people on the internet making up fake information, well, lets just say that any one of us could have gone down that hard.     

Sample Hate:



4. Pruane2Forever aka “Sexman”

I’ve spent an annoying amount of time trying to pin down what makes this channel just so “hated.” And it’s not a good reason necessarily, but it’s valid. See,, this kid is a “loser.” I put it in parentheses because he is not actually a loser at all — he’s the kind of person who changes the world (go ahead and laugh and then look at pictures of early Bill Gates). But because he looks like the biggest dork who ever asked out the prom queen, and because he, with his nasal-ass dork voice offering his stupid dork opinions on everything, we hate him. I’d say the fact that he regularly calls people “douchebags” and “cunts” might have something to do with it, but if Jenna Marbles did it, we’d be jerking off and laughing. No, what gets people about Puane2Forever, besides his seemingly nonsensical username, is that his obnoxious “stupidity” typically puts his videos in the numbers league with the so-called beautiful people of the internet. How frustrating is that? Us “normal people” are all supposed to be better than this guy by virtue of appearance alone. That is how it has always been! We went to our proms! Well, guess what, friends? This is the new world, and here, odd plays. And pays. 50 Cent flew Pruane2Forever out from Canada to hang out with him. I’ve never hung out with 50 Cent and neither have you.
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3. Onision

“Offensive jokes make up a good bit of my channel … comedy in general. Comedy is comedy — not meant to hurt, just laugh at.” Onision posted this response to a girl who politely asked him not to make rape jokes on his channel. This subject is a tough row to hoe (you internet kids relate to farm analogies, don’t you?) as I agree with Onision on the subject of controversial comedy. Today I watched a video of people weeping over trees being cut down (honest to god, weeping). We live in a thin-skinned society where ANYTHING can get you in trouble. That being said, rape and abortion tend to be two of those buttons that will get people more fired up than usual. And Onision does not shy away from voicing his opinion on either topic (he does delete videos frequently and feel the need to make qualifier videos explaining his past videos though). Between Onision’s hard-line opinions (coupled with manic and frequently insensitive humor) and the fallout resulting from his awkward public breakup with another popular YouTuber, I can see how he would earn a firm position as one of the internet’s most polarizing figures. In fact, there are a couple different Tumblr pages (and Urban Dictionary entries) entirely dedicated to how much people hate him. It’s a shame that so many people get hung up on the broad strokes, because much of his content is hilarious.
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2. Vevo

This is likely the most widely hated aspect of the YouTube experience, and while Vevo is more of a “thing,” it still has its own official channel so it qualifies. Vevo, for those of you who read articles about YouTube, and yet, don’t go on YouTube, is the music arm of the video site. Working in conjunction with several record labels, Vevo controls and regulates the music videos that get played on YouTube. And a lot of people really, really hate that. While some of the rage stems from the perception that Vevo-endorsed videos play slower or are glitchy, much of it comes in the form of users who don’t like that the digital wild west is becoming civilized. That you have to watch an ad ( frequently the same goddamn ad!) before every video really rubs people the wrong way. Me included. Of course, I, like most of the internet, hate to pay for anything that used to come off as “fair use” (even when it really means it was just formerly unregulated).

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1. “Gingers Do Have Souls” Kid

The “Gingers Do Have Souls” kid is pretty impressive. See, he took one accidentally viral post and turned it into a monetized empire. Now he makes serious bankroll by replicating what was once honest indignation (poor kid was getting picked on because he has red hair) for every topic under the sun. The kid, username Coppercab, has become the defender for bullied youth everywhere, but he is also attracting a righteous amount of troll rage because nobody asked some fucking ginger whiner to make good money by standing up for the meek. When the level of trolling reaches South Park levels though, clearly by internet standards, you are in a class all by yourself. Well done, sir. Hate the game, not the player, I guess.
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