‘Blame Jay Cutler’ Hashtag Captivates Twitter — Is QB To Blame For Holocaust?

I’m going to go out on a limb here: I like Jay Cutler. I think that the world is too mean to him — sure he comes off like a spoiled, effete little douchebag who pouts and seems to spend most of his time being injured, but so what? We all have bad decades. For me, it was 2005 until, well, a couple years from now (I hope).
The latest Jay Cutler bashing came courtesy of ESPN, who dared to postulate that the current quarterback of the Chicago Bears is responsible for Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III being injured. “How can a quarterback injure another quarterback?” you might be asking if you’re familiar with sports, and “What’s a quarterback?” if you’re not. Well to answer the first question, it deals with a playoff game two years ago in which Cutler pulled himself from the game over a (what seemed minor) leg injury. The critics lambasted him for being a pussy. Everybody, even that guy who didn’t know what a quarterback was, remembers that shitstorm. And, likely, according to ESPN, a young college quarterback named Robert Griffin III remembered too.
So fast forward to last Sunday’s game: Seattle Seahawks versus Griffin’s Redskins. Griffin, or as he is more popularly known, “RG3” suffered a leg injury of his own (exacerbating a previous injury), possibly to the point where he should have recused himself from further play. He didn’t until it was effectively too late, and the ‘skins lost.

So now, with ESPN speculating that maybe RG3 stuck in that game because he didn’t want to look like a Jay Cutler-sized pussy, the internet has gotten involved. Twitter boards have been lighting up with the hashtag, “Blame Jay Cutler,” and now he is at fault for everything from “the Lakers losing” to “world hunger.” He is now the world’s whipping boy, so if something is chewing holes in your walls and eating your granola supply, don’t blame mice or hippies — blame Jay Cutler.

There have been no comments from Cutler regarding his being to blame for all the world’s evils, but that’s likely because he’s out crapping on someone’s lawn.

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