Blip Releases New Apps for iOS & Android Devices, Xbox, Kindle

Want to “Chug, Plug, and Review” anywhere and everywhere? While we at NMR recommend you actually do that responsibly, Blip’s new apps for iOS and Android devices will let you watch their series from multiple devices.

Download the Blip app for your device for free and you can watch content such as The League of Super Critics’ series “Chug, Plug and Review” as well as other web series from Blip’s library on your iPhone, iPad, Xbox, Kindle and Android.

Blip CEO Kelly Day explained the new apps in a statement: “With this rollout, Blip delivers what audiences want to watch wherever and whenever they want to watch it. This is just the beginning. This year we plan to expand Blip’s reach even further with a fully redesigned website at, an enhanced Blip player, more exclusive content, broader distribution, and more investment in our apps, to make it even easier to find, watch and share the best in original web series.”

Formerly a direct competitor to YouTube, Blip has shifted from hosting user-generated content to entirely producing and promoting its own web series. This effort by Blip is similar to other video-streaming sites like YouTube and Vimeo’s expansions to other platforms besides computers.

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