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Over the Gumdrop Mountains and across the Butterscotch Plains there is a land of wonder and enchantment. A land where unicorns run wild through the Candy Cane Forest while glitter cascades from their rainbow manes like billions of tiny diamonds. Follow me, weary traveler, to a place where laughter flows like a mighty river and smiles are the only currency a person needs. Let’s make haste to ye olden YouTube channel of her most sparkly, Brittani Louise Taylor.

I spoke with the fair maiden in the magical butterfly court (read North Hollywood Regional Library) where we spoke of the brothers Super Mario and culture most nerdy. Surprisingly, for a YouTuber focused on DIY projects and beauty tutorials, this queen of crafts also proved to have knowledge of movies most grand.

As a five-year veteran of digital video, with her rainbow-soaked YouTube channel, Brittani has racked up over 140 million views and has since spun off two additional channels “Brittani” and beauty channel “Brittani Louise.”

Hark! There is Brittani now. Make haste and begin reading the interview below so thine bumbling creator of thy intro can drop this medieval theme he foolishly thought was terribly clever. Hark I say, hark!

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Hey, how’s it going?


So on your YouTube channel you have DIY jewelry, clothing, but you also have music videos, you also have dance stuff, and you also have parody stuff.

[laughs] I have like one dance video. One because my friend Mike.

Yeah, you did the Super Mario Brothers dance thing. Your channel is really eclectic, there is a ton of stuff going on — can you describe exactly what your channel is if someone asked?

I kind of just do whatever I want, so it’s like whatever I feel like this week, like, “Oh, I want to draw an art picture. Okay.” “Oh, I want to make something,” so I think it’s just like creative, like anything that has to do with acting or music or art that’s kind of like — I’m like if Etsy was a channel, maybe. Does that work? I don’t know.

Maybe. A couple months ago you did a song for “Nerd Crush.”

I’m a rapper hardcore.

There is this idea that right now in popular culture nerds are really popular and they’re really cool. Were you always a nerd growing up?

Yeah, I had so little friends growing up. I volunteered at the library during the summer for fun. It was right down the street from me, and I would ride my bike back and forth, so yes, I have been a nerd since birth.

Is it frustrating now that you’ll see a lot of YouTubers, especially young women YouTubers, they’ll kind of be faux-nerdy? They’ll claim to be nerdy but only to kind of hop on this popular trend.

I don’t know. I think that the definition of a nerd — I think it’s just someone being themselves, ‘cause then it’s like really seeing who they are. So let’s say you’re having a silly moment — people are like, “Oh nerd,” so it’s like I don’t think being a nerd is a bad thing, even if they are trying just to figure out who they are. More power to them.

So in that context, what kind of nerd are you? You can be like a technology nerd? You can be a book nerd?

I’m a film nerd; I love movies. I’m a book nerd too [laughs]. Really books and films and anything to do with acting and movies, camera equipment, editing, [laughs] oh la la.

And that probably led to you being on YouTube.

Yeah, well I think I was with an independent studio, and they ran out of money, but when I was there one of the girls taught me the basics on Final Cut. I remember taking all of these pages of notes, and I learned editing there and then a bought a green screen for 125 bucks. And I used to edit everything on iMovie, like I used to film everything on my webcam. It’s been a slow progression with me to learn.

You mention that you’re kind of a nerd about books and movies. One book movie, desert island.

Movie, “Gladiator.” Book, oh god, my problem is I love the “Harry Potter” series and then it got really popular. I love “The Hunger Games” before it got popular. Probably “Memoirs of a Geisha.” “Gladiator” and “Memoirs of a Geisha” would be my two things.


 The movie.

The movie, not the book. I don’t know if there is a book. “Memoirs of a Geisha” the book, not the movie, because the movie’s pretty terrible.

The movie has its moments that are really beautiful but has some really cool aesthetics, but it doesn’t compare to the book.

Now on a desert island you’re watching “Gladiator” all day, you’re reading “Memoirs of a Geisha” all day. Are those two things that are suicide cocktails? Like that is such a deadly combo.

“Memoirs of a Geisha” isn’t that sad. It has its moments that are low or whatever, but overall in the end — I don’t want to ruin the book, but it has a good ending.

You just ruined it. I’ve never read it, but you just totally spoiled it for me.

But how, your question …

I’m kidding. How did you get started on YouTube?

I was with an independent studio, they ran out of money. I came one day, and they were closed, and that was right when LonelyGirl15 was blowing up, so my mom’s like, “Why don’t you put your videos on YouTube, Brittani?” and I was like, “Okay.” I was just pissed. I spent six months working for this company, and they just ran out of money.

And they just shuttered it?

I just came one day, and there was chains on the door and it was closed. And they still owe me money.

You’re kidding. I don’t think you’re going to get that back.

It’s fine. It was only like 60 bucks, but still! I could have bought “Memoirs of a Geisha” and “Gladiator” and a couple of things for 60 dollars.

And kept it in like an emergency pack just in case.

Just in case someone else came to the island too, I could have doubles. ‘Cause sharing isn’t always great when you’re by yourself. If you only have two prized possessions on an island, you’re not going to want to share.

That’s a good point. If you could share your island with anyone, alive or dead, who would it be?

On the island? That’s just hard because I would either say a hot male or — I love Kate Winslet; I just want to meet her, but I don’t know if I want to be stuck on an island with her. That’s really hard. I’m going to say one of my best friends like one of my good friends, ‘cause at least I’d have someone that I know I like on the island with me.

So you could pick Abraham Lincoln or Martin Luther King Jr.

But I don’t know them. I don’t have any connection to them.

They could be so interesting.

Yeah, that’d be interesting for a couple days, but you’re going to be around there for your whole life. Wouldn’t you rather be around someone you know really well and you’ve know for years?

That’s not a bad point. Your first option was a hot male, which —

Yeah! Well, if you’re on an island, I don’t know. That’d be nice.

You of course mean pieces of mail that have been heated in the sun for a long time?

That’s exactly what I meant [laughs].

It’s a strange choice and a controversial choice, but I understand.

You know I live on the edge when it comes to my island choices [laughs].

Right, and a piece of post is not a person by the way, just so you know. Why do you do so many DIY tutorials on your channel?

I think the DIYs are nice ‘cause it’s something I can film myself, so my schedule is so crazy sometimes with projects outside of YouTube. It’s like I’ll have like a day to make something, and making the videos I want to make, sometimes I need two or three days. I need a day of prep, a day of filming, a day of editing. I need something I can do, even though I end up spending hours on them. I think it’s just something I can do myself.

What’s your favorite project you’ve made?

Oh, probably the last one I just did. I did a studded corset that was awesome. I just want to wear it everywhere, and I wish women would go back to wearing corsets. The support; I love it, it’s so cool.

It seems, and I don’t know anything about a corset, but it seems like it would be wildly uncomfortable.

Depends on the corset. Like I think the old ones where they laced them and you can’t breathe, yes, but the ones loose, no. It’s like, if anything, you just feel supported. Kind of like skinny jeans but on your body.

Right. I think our viewership is going to be really excited about this corset talk. I think that’s probably why they tuned in — to hear about corsets as much as they could.

Corsets are coming back in just like nerds.

I don’t think nerds have ever been in.

You just said nerds were in style.

But you said they were coming back in. They were never in in the first place.

I don’t know about that. What about “Ferris Bueller” and some of the old 80s stuff? There were some nerds. What was the girl in “16 Candles”? She’s a total nerd.

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