Brittani Louise Taylor | YouTube Personality

“Revenge of the Nerds.” But Ferris Bueller is not a nerd.

His friends are.

He’s the coolest guy in the world.

His friends are. But I’m saying it goes in cycles.

I’ll give you that.

“Revenge of the Nerds.” You argued your own point. [laughs]

I argued my own point, but you said “Ferris Bueller,” and that turned me off because he is the coolest guy in the WORLD.

I didn’t mean Ferris Bueller. I meant the movie “Ferris Bueller.” Like “16 Candles,” Molly Ringwald is like the — and oh my god, “Breakfast Club,” all the misfits.

Who is the nerd in that? Oh the red head kid.

They are all misfits.

You’ve been uploading to YouTube for 3 years?

Over 3 years, because I had a channel called rhondaanthonytanner where I was like a life coach, and then I started to do stuff on my main channel. I think it’s 5 years, 5 and a half.

Five years ago, how have you seen YouTube change?

It feels like it changes every day [laughs]. Oh my god, the homepage they would curate it, and you could email the editor and try to get your videos on, and whatever video was on there would be guaranteed like a million or something views. And there would be like 16 to 20 on the homepage, and they were constantly updating. Then on each category page there was a video at the top that would be like their spotlight, and then it switched to the browse page as like a gridview and it wasn’t always categories; it was like the most popular videos were in a browse page and then a homepage switched to three videos to where it is now with a zillion categories and a zillion videos in each category.

With the brand new update they are kind of focusing on recommended for you videos, what you want to watch videos. What do you think about that update?

I think it’s just as the site grows, it’s making it a little harder for people to find stuff I think because there is so much information, but that’s why it is really important to keep a consistent upload schedule because or else you might get lost in the mix ‘cause YouTube is throwing so much information at you in your subscription box unless you click the uploads only. It makes it harder and harder to find stuff you’re actually subscribed to.

And a lot of people argue that with this idea of making things hard to find, YouTube is focusing more on engagement. They want people to go to your channel and stay on there for a while instead of bouncing around to different channels.

And subscribing, because they’ve noticed that people watch 40 percent more videos when they are subscribed to a channel, because they are invested in that person in their life.

Does that make you change how you upload videos at all that YouTube is focusing more on engagement?

No ‘cause I think that all I can do is what I already do. You might change how long your annotations are or if you’re going to make a 10 minute video you better make sure there are no links so people don’t click off, and try to get people to watch to the end and hopefully they’ll like it. But yeah, I think for me I’ve always just done my own thing, and it’s kind of worked for me.

Did you have to learn tips and tricks? Like doing certain thumbnails, making your thumbnails look like this or like annotations this long — did you have to learn all that stuff?

Well, I know thumbnails are really important. You pick up different things as you go. My friend Shane Dawson, we used to make a lot of videos when we were first starting out, and he is a marketing genius, so I learned a lot of tips from him that I’m still using, and my channel has better thumbnails. I think about upload times too. I’ll upload really early on Saturday and Sundays because East Coast it’s already later in the day, so if your audience is primarily U.S., you can look at what time they are going to be online.

You were just on “Dance Showdown” — what was that like? Because I’ll be honest — the idea of dancing to me is a fate worse than death.

I’ve always wanted to do it, and I think I was lucky to get a really good dance partner that we’re friends in life now, because you can’t spend that many hours with someone and you honestly either make a bond and you like each other or you don’t, but you can’t spend 16 hours rehearsing two different times which is over 30 hours together, just in rehearsal dancing and not, you either get along or you don’t. But he like never once got frustrated or angry with me, and I don’t think people realize how hard it was for every contestant to do this because we are only given a certain amount of time. We are given an 8 hour rehearsal day, we have a day off, and then we perform it the next day, and then we practice on our own time or whatever. It’s up to our partners if we have other rehearsals, but it’s crazy [laughs].

Yeah, it seems pretty crazy. Each time I see it it makes me uncomfortable.

I’ve always wanted to do it though.

Did you dance previous to it?

No, I took some ballet classes when I was younger, but we just never had any good dance studios; they were really bad. I was like 5. I’ve always grown up loving dance movies: “Center Stage,” “Flash Dance,” “Dirty Dancing,” I could go on and on. I remember my friends drove me 45 minutes to see “Center Stage” because it wasn’t playing in our town. I’ve always grown up loving dance stuff.

What about “Dirty Dancing 2”?

I didn’t like that one.

You didn’t like that one?


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