Brutally ‘Honest’ Cover Letter To Wall Street Firm Goes Viral, Nets Job Offers

If there’s anything more critical than polishing your resume, it’s writing that cover letter to your potential employer.

Apparently, one aspiring banker has found the right way to write a cover letter by deciding to be more frank than the many other finance students vying for the same internship. He’s not harping on why he’s qualified for an internship with the prominent Wall Street firm or touting his Ivy League school and his myriad accomplishments. He just wants to “work hard” for them and has “no qualms about fetching coffee, shining shoes or picking up laundry” just to get the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the finance industry.

The letter, which went public on the Business Insider website, was blasted to many Wall Street firms and was touted by one employee as “the best cover letter I’ve ever received.” The very frank internship letter has since gone viral, and Wall Street firms are giving this anonymous student job offers left and right.

See the entire letter below, and tell us whether you would want to hire this guy at your workplace: