‘Bubblechain of Happiness — An Awkward Man’s Tribute to Ariyah’ is Viral, Pleasant [VIDEO]

Before we go one step further with this video highlight, let me first state that I disagree with some people’s assertions that this guy has down syndrome or that he is in any way “afflicted.” He seems a lot more normal in his other posted video, in which he wears a rogue’s beard and dances up a storm. So spare me the usual negative comments reserved for occasions when I mock the invalid.

That being said, I liked this video. I would have liked it more if he was sincerely impaired, because then I could have written something profound about how this is a triumph of the human spirit or something like that, but this works too. This guy likes bubbles an awful lot and … well … I kinda do too.

Uploaded as a tribute to a little-known band that makes him feel so good that he just wants to play with bubbles, the YouTuber 1AwkwardMan has completely blown the bubble door off its fucking hinges with the stunningly brilliant “bubble chain.” I get the feeling that a lot of tongues will be wagging at this year’s “BubbleCon.”