Celebrate Cody Simpson’s Web Show ‘The Paradise Series’ By Throwing Up Into A Kangaroo’s Pouch

For all of you teenage girls and maladjusted adults out there, good news dropped this week as Australian heartthrob Cody Simpson unveiled his new original web series “The Paradise Series.”

The series, which launched Tuesday, January 15, follows the Aussie pop singer while on tour and through his day-to-day life — it’s a big deal, folks. In a teaser video, Simpson explains, “I just turned 16 and I’m ready for a brilliant year.” Duly noted is the use of the word “brilliant” verifying his Australian origins.

The maiden video in Simpson’s “The Paradise Series” kicks off on the singer’s 16th birthday. Simpson’s birthday activities include but are not limited to: telling someone to make him waffles, laser bowling or something, and renting out a trampoline gym in San Antonio, Texas. Sometimes as a touring pop star, you have to spend your birthday in a place like San Antonio.

Sometimes as a new media blogger you have to write articles because the title will have the words “Cody” and “Simpson” in it.



Happy birthday, Cody Simpson. According to a Tiger Beat article I just read, your favorite TV show is “The Mentalist,” so I’ll send you a box set or something.