Charting The Impact of the Four Biggest Memes of 2012 [INFOGRAPHIC]

“Gangnam Style.” “Kony 2012.” Binders Full of Women. Not Impressed. Those are the four biggest memes of 2012, and we can only hope that 2013 will bring more fascinating and intriguing memes that everyone and their mother will be talking about.

The folks at MDG put out this fascinating infographic detailing how the four biggest memes of 2012 gained popularity and how they impacted pop culture. In its foreword to the infographic, they wrote: “With the Web gaining more and more influence in our lives every day, 2013 holds the promise of many more memes that will get people sharing, smiling, singing, and scoffing at the Internet images that instantly become icons.”

If you’re wondering about our coverage of the biggest memes from last year, check out our infographics on Gangnam Style and the lists of the best memes of 2012 and the most viral photos of 2012.

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