Chatroulette Be Damned: Why Every YouTube Creator Should Be Hosting Live Streams

Carving out your own niche in the world of online video can be painfully difficult. Standing out among the millions of hours of video uploaded daily requires online video creators to break out and use every tool available to them. Popular YouTubers have perfected the arts of using tags, creating thumbnails and promoting on every social media network available. It’s a dog-eat-dog digital world out there; uploading to YouTube just isn’t cutting it anymore.

Live streaming is one of the most underrated and underused promotional “arts” around. It’s a totally free service (most of the time) that requires minimal setup. It also gives users the ability to stream anytime day or night without time-consuming editing or production.

Live streaming has gained a bum rap lately thanks to some confused individuals on Chatroulette and the fact that many see the platform as archaic. However, more and more YouTube creators have begun busting out their old webcams and embracing the live stream.

Here’s why you should also.

One of my favorite YouTubers using live streams to promote her work is singer/songwriter Hannah-Rei.  As I am writing this, Hanna is hosting a live stream at where over 450 people are steadily streaming in (ahem) to watch the UK-based singer perform live. Mind you, Hannah isn’t in a production studio or recording booth — she is simply singing and playing piano in her bedroom. She is letting people watch her practice songs while chatting with and engaging her audience in the most comfortable atmosphere possible.



By taking requests and talking to fans, Hannah is promoting her work while building a steady fanbase that will most certainly return for any future events. Not to mention, links to both her Facebook and YouTube channel are connected to the Blogtv event.The independent film experts at Indy Mogul also combine live streams with their popular YouTube channel, which focuses around tutorials and interviews regarding everything under the indie sun. Indy Mogul’s “Late Night”-infused live show “Reel Good Show” works under a different format than Hannah-Rei’s live stream, but is just as effective.

“Reel Good Show” first airs live at where fans can interact in real time. From there, the show is recorded and then put on Indy Mogul’s YouTube channel. By live streaming one of their shows, Indy Mogul is able to promote one program on two different platforms – YouTube and



If something particularly interesting, funny or provocative happens during a live stream, creators can put it up on YouTube. This will provide fans with more content while simultaneously letting people know that you also do a live stream. So get out there and start live streaming already. Resident live stream expert and the best Instagram photographer on earth Eddie Coleman recommends YouTube’s built-in live streaming platform and the blogger friendly

Just make sure to stay away from that Chatroulette — I’ve heard terrible things.

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