Chop Wood Using a Tire: The 10 Best Life Hack Videos on YouTube

In life, we always want to find the shortest distance from point A to point B, especially if we’re trying to figure out how to open that bottle of wine when we don’t have a corkscrew. What are your options? Thanks to YouTube and the internet, solving everyday problems the easy way are just one click away. Check out these 10 useful life hacks on YouTube that range from using a spare tire to chop wood to solving that phone in the toilet problem by using rice.

Save Your Phone From The Toilet

Hide Your WiFi Traffic

Uncork Without A Bottle Opener

Find Those Battery-Killing Apps

Solve That Tangled Headphone Problem

Kitchen Life Hacks

Chopping Wood Using A Tire

The Right Way To Eat A Cupcake

Hide Those Unwanted Desktop Icons

Life Changing Food Hacks

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