Codecademy Partners With YouTube To Tutor Aspiring API Developers

If you’re an aspiring software developer and would like to change the way YouTube is distributed across multiple platforms on the web, then Codecademy’s news may be something to talk about.

Codecademy is partnering up with YouTube, NPR and other companies to provide lessons and seminars for budding developers wanting to create software, applications, projects and websites. They are offering “simple, digestible lessons on how to get running” with APIs, or application programming interfaces.

In a company blog post, Codecademy co-founder Zach Sims wrote: “What can you do with these APIs? Build awesome websites with video with YouTube’s. Shorten links on the fly and grab stats with Bitly’s. Mash up the news with NPR’s. That’s just the beginning – we’ll be adding more APIs soon!”

Codecademy’s partnership with YouTube could bring the video-streaming experience to more web pages and applications. YouTube already has a dedicated website for API developers of all levels ranging from people who want to embed video on their web page to creating apps for the computer or mobile devices that use YouTube content.

Developers on YouTube can use Data APIs, which let you perform most YouTube website functions and Player APIs that control the YouTube player through JavaScript or ActionScript. For the casual and beginner developers, the embedded player API lets you add the YouTube player to your website.

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