Dormtainment Talks ‘Ass on the Internet’ Video, Debut Comedy Album and Groupies [INTERVIEW]

It is impossible to watch Dormtainment’s video “Ass on the Internet” and not want to immediately send it to every single person in your contact list — Grandma included. It has all the components of internet gold: great dance moves, a twerk lounge, someone wearing an eyepatch. Just add an open bar, and it would be the NMR’s dream office! So when I got to not only sit down with, but also play a Skype drinking game with, three members from the entertainment group, I was beyond excited. Don’t let the cool beer drinking fool you — three minutes before we started filming I was bouncing around like an over-caffeinated squirrel.

Dormtainment is an entertainment group made up of six friends — Cam, Rome, Mike, Amanuel, Rome, Chaz and Tay– who hit the YouTube scene for the second time in 2009 after two years worth of content was deleted from their previous channel. Releasing a video every Sunday, Dormtainment’s weekly videos are a completely in-house production — a literal statement since five of these guys share one apartment. The men of Dormtainment have used their YouTube foundation as a springboard to exploring other areas of entertainment such as music and live shows to pursue their passion of making others laugh. Fresh off releasing their debut comedy album “Broke and Famous,” Cam, Rome and Mike sat down with me for our part-interview, part-drinking game session.  After a couple of shots, the men of Dormtainment shared with me their craziest groupie moments, how the auditions for “Ass on the Internet” took place and their dreams of creating a comedy television show.

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