Download Now: 61 Royalty-Free Sound Effects For Your YouTube Videos

There is a great quote from “Police Academy” actor Michael Winslow about the importance of good sound effects. If memory serves correctly, the quote goes, “I do get a lot of requests for specific things.”

Okay, so maybe there aren’t that many great quotes from Michael Winslow. Cut me some slack; I needed a way to start this article. The point is this: if you are going to start making quality YouTube videos, every single element needs to scream professionalism — even your sound effects.

The problem with this is royalty-free sound effects often come with some sort of catch when you download them. Michael Turner, founder of the YouTube forum explains, “It is becoming a lot easier for people to find free sound effects but I find that many sites that offer them require some form of credit or have confusing terms of use.”

As the proprietor of the most popular YouTube forum online, Michael knows the pitfalls that many creators fall into when beginning their digital video careers. One of those pitfalls being, as Michael explains, “a lack of freely available sound effects that creators could use without any issues in their monetized video content.”

Recently to combat this problem, Michael put together a collection of 61 royalty-free sound effects for users and any other YouTube creators. “I wanted to give them a collection which they could use worry free in their videos without any restrictive terms and such,” Michael explains.

Luckily, Michael is sharing this sound effect collection with us free of charge and without any tricky terms of service. “I wanted to make things freely and quickly accessible,” Michael said.

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To get the collection, just click on the tweet and get it icon above. Big thanks to Michael and everyone at and for more royalty-free sounds, check out “4 Places to Find Free Soundtracks for Your YouTube Video.