Drunk Girls Interrupt News Reporter After Football Game … Hell Yeah, Drunk Girls [VIDEO]

The whole time I am watching this video, I am thinking to myself, “God, I hope they are not driving.” But other than that, hell yeah, drunk girls.

Being an on-the-scene news reporter would be a terrible job because I would feel compelled to just start punching anyone who acted a fool while I was trying to do my thing. And then it would be recorded on camera, and there would be lawsuits and rehab and some sort of auto-tuned YouTube remix of it all. But naturally, I am always entertained when it happens to someone else.

This poor son of a bitch is just trying to bring some post-game coverage of a little Texas A&M football when two obnoxious (but attractive!) ladies come wandering into his shot to give him a piece of their mind. And like a boss, the reporter rolls with it, just letting the two sots ramble on about God-knows-what. He even gets a little cozy with the girls, throwing his arm around them from time to time, just working it. Hard to imagine him being as congenial with a couple of heifers, but who am I to throw stones?

In fact, a less moral individual might have been much more untoward with such delicate creatures as those two (*Jeff fires up his panel van). “Well, looks like I’m headed to Texas.”

For added fun, watch the :40 second mark when the hotter of the two girls asks, “Where’s the weed?” and the in-studio anchor freaks out. “Where’s the weed, indeed.”


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