Eclectic Method’s Movie Monster Mash-up is Brutal Bloody Carnage Awesomeness [VIDEO]

I’m not particularly a fan of all this newfangled music of the future that sounds like dial-up internet tones and the sounds of robots fucking, but throw a veritable cornucopia of classic and contemporary movie monster clips into the mix, and you’ve got my attention. Jonny Wilson, the audio/visual mastermind behind the video-centric remixes over at Eclectic Method just put out this gem of a mash-up on his YouTube yesterday, and let me tell you, dear readers … its friggen bad-ass. The shrieks and shrills spliced with brutal bloody carnage and destruction set to a meaty monster beat make me want to run around and break things. Plus, there’s a talking dog at the end that says “Release the Kraken.” You had me at Godzilla.

Keep a look out next week for a one-on-one Skype interview with Eclectic Method’s Jonny Wilson and yours truly.

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