Entire ‘Gangnam Style’ Animated in Hand-Drawn Flipbook Video

I know what you’re thinking: Sweet god, no more “Gangam Style” anything! You’ve seen people’s dogs dancing to it, your dad has probably sang it to you by now, and while the song was catchy to you at first, now it’s probably lost a little bit of it’s magic. Don’t worry; I completely understand especially after working at NMR, where “Gangam Style” ran wild for a couple months like a rabid rabbit.

But I encourage you to watch it just one more time, because this “Gangam Style” video may have topped all the rest with it’s creativity and detail. The creators of “Flipbook Gangam Style” have captured all of “Gangam Style’s” booty shaking moves with their hand-drawn flipbooks. While ain’t nobody got time to make their own flipbook, you do have time to enjoy this 3-minute video! So bust your moves!

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