Facebook Adds Voicemail To Mobile Apps, Will Roll Out Internet Calls Soon

Looks like Skype may have a run for its money in 2013. Facebook will be testing out its own VoIP service in the coming weeks, and it has already rolled out an updated messaging service where users can record and send voicemails.

The new voicemail option is currently available on its iOS and Android Messenger apps, and once you update your app, you can send a voice message by clicking on the compose button and then tapping the “+” button below next to where you compose your messages. Once you see the “Record Voice” option, tap it, and when you see the red record button, push and record your message.

Even though Facebook mobile users can now send voicemails, it isn’t the main feature that Facebook’s banking on this year. They’re trying out a VoIP service that will allow you to make phone calls, but that will use your phone’s data plan instead of credits like Skype and Google Voice does. Right now, the VoIP service is only available for Canadian users, but the service will be available for Facebook users worldwide in the coming weeks.

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