Facebook Allows You To Message Mark Zuckerberg For $100 — Yup, He’s Getting Desperate

Would you pay $100 to troll Mark Zuckerberg?

Neither would I, but guess what? Now at least Facebook is giving us the option. Likely a part of their mad dash to monetize themselves, the social media giant has added a controversial new feature. For $100, you can send a message to Zuck’s personal inbox as opposed to his “other” inbox, where unimportant mail typically winds up.

Designed for spam, the “other” inbox is listed under your Messages tab and is nothing new. Most people apparently don’t know it exists, but they have an “other” inbox, and you have an “other” inbox and so, apparently, does Mark Zuckerberg (his probably fills up a lot faster than yours or mine though). The “other” inbox is meant to filter out unsolicited messages from people not in your or your friends’ social circles, i.e. spam or party invites from creepy people to your children (or from your creepy children to people … there is at least a possibility that you are raising a predator). Of course, due to that aforementioned money grab, this technicality can now be overcome too. And to do that, it only costs a dollar. Yup, it costs $100 to DM Mark Zuckerberg, but only $1 for a stranger to DM you, probably for a little DP. Guess you can now see what Facebook thinks of you.

The hitch is that to get into Zuckerberg’s priority file, you can’t be one of his more than 16 million followers — the option only pops up for people who don’t go around claiming to be “friends” with the CEO of Facebook. You know, non-weirdos. Of course, if you’re paying $100 to message Mark Zuckerberg, believing that he’d be interested in something you have to say or sell to him, there’s something a little bit off about you as well.

What kills me is that I can’t even pay the money to message him and tell him it’s a stupid idea, because if even one person takes him up on this, it will be totally worth it. Even for a billionaire.    

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