Facebook Launches New Timeline Layout — Now With More Customization

Facebook, in their endless tinkering, have started rolling out brand new changes to users’ Timelines. The changes so far have only rolled out in New Zealand, which many industry analysts are chalking up to the fact that “The Hobbit” was so good that New Zealanders should be rewarded.

In reality, whether “The Hobbit” was good or not depends on the status of your virginity, and the Timeline changes landed first in New Zealand and parts of Europe simply because of the time difference.

Early reports confirm that Facebook has rolled out what they are calling a “Collections Manager,” which allows users to easily customize their Timelines. Additionally, users can customize the contents of their right-hand column by adjusting categories like photos, music, books and Instagram integration.

So far, the Timeline changes have been met with a resounding “meh” from our pals in New Zealand, with many questioning why Facebook decided to change anything at all. Not saying that Facebook’s current layout was perfect, but it does seem that the social media company is becoming increasingly obsessive about their layout changes.

Additional changes include a simplified tabbed design in place of the boxes below your cover image, and posts that will be relegated to the left-hand column instead of being split into two columns.

Facebook has declined to comment on the update and instead issued the following fuck-off statement to Mashable: “we are always testing.”


Photos: Mashable

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