‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ Theme Song Gets Filtered Through 64 Languages [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered how accurate those online language translators are? Well, in a win for everyone, the YouTube channel CDZA has used the world’s best song to find out.

Filtering the lyrics of the theme song to “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” through Google translator — first into Mandarin Chinese, and then ultimately through 62 other languages (English counts as one of the languages) — CDZA then plays and replays the song via a Will Smith impersonator and a backing orchestral accompaniment. Needless to say, the video gets high marks for having an actual black guy as the Will Smith character.

It is surprising how well the song holds up. Sure there are some fundamental differences, especially with the tenses and verbs (and even how the word “apricot” pops up early on and seems to stay there throughout), but by and large, the intent of the song carries through.

Who knew that funky early 90s rap music was the universal language?



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