Get Naked in the Snow For Latest Viral Craze [GALLERY]

I think of all the bullshit viral crazes out there, this one is my favorite.

Nudity plays hard with me — I went streaking several times in my frat and high school days (I wasn’t very good at it because I have no endurance, and so it turned into an awkward naked walk mostly) and further encourage random acts of nudity whenever possible. Why, I am even hoping that you are naked while reading this.

So what is this internet trend that has captured my fancy? It’s naked people taking pictures in the snow. “But snow is not good for naked people!” you probably just yelled, confused. Well, that’s kind of the point. See, a proper online viral event is one that doesn’t make a lick of sense to the casual observer, but it just feels “fun.”

This current “fun” comes courtesy of Leanne Myers, a 40-year-old English nurse (they’re never who you think they are) who posted photos to her Facebook page of herself playing guitar outside in her underwear. She encouraged her friends and family to join in, never expecting anything to come of it (that is always how these things go). Somewhere along the way “underwear” became “complete nudity” covered only in the most imaginative ways possible, and greatness blossomed.

Over 250 snow worshippers have now contributed pictures from as far away as Abu Dhabi and the good ol’ U.S. of A. (whoo, America!). Myers only rule to what she will post? “Keep it classy.” Crikey, I would give my first-born child to see the submitted photos that weren’t “classy.”

More impressive is that charity and nudity have now teamed up. Linking with the “Wiltshire, Lets Get Naked in the Snow” page on Facebook, encourages people to look at the photos and then donate to their charity. Oh, I’ll be donating alright….

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