Girl Accidentally Kills Brother Trying to Take ‘Thug’ Facebook Photo

In the bid’ness of ballin’, gangsta wannabe-tough diva women are known as “ratchets.” Well, this ratchet is in a whole mess of shit. Savannah Ramirez, 19, was partying at her home on New Year’s Day at around 6 a.m., probably flossin’, jawin’ and throwin’ back Mickey’s wide mouths, when she decided to take a photo for her Facebook profile pic. And as way leads on to way, Ramirez took the road less travelled by, and decided to pose while pointing a loaded gun at her brother’s head.

Whoops! The gun went off, killing her brother, 22-year-old Manuel Ortiz, instantly. I’m guessing she’s not going to need a camera to remember that headshot for the rest of her life. Sources say Ortiz and Ramirez had been out drinking and returned to the home they shared in Phoenix, Arizona, intent on continuing to live like they were gonna die young. The sources were less clear about whether the brother and sister were fans of Kesha or irony.Two others at the home at the home already had the gun out for pictures when Savannah decided to “thug up” her profile pic a bit. Killing your brother is pretty thug, I guess, so, mission accomplished. Afterwards, she was questioned and released by the police, but will likely be charged with manslaughter if tests indicate that she was indeed drinking. There is no report on whether anyone knew the gun was loaded.

This is what happens when “Keepin’ It Real” goes wrong. Where’s Dave Chappelle when you need him?

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