Help Improve YouTube: Google Begins Accepting Applications For User Feedback Study

It’s time to make your voices heard, YouTube creators. Google has started accepting applications for their user experience research. This means that if you’ve ever had a complaint about YouTube or any Google product (we know you have) this is your opportunity to deliver those grievances straight to Google’s doorstep.

According to Google’s frequently asked questions page, by signing up for the user survey, “You’d be helping us to improve Google products, both existing ones and those that are still in development.”

YouTube is a cornerstone of Google’s plan for global domination; that means that feedback from those watching and uploading on YouTube will probably be valued highly.

The studies will be broken into three categories, which Google explains as the “Usability study at a Google office,” the “Remote usability study”, and if you are willing to have a bunch of Google employees in your home, the “Field study.”

And if helping improve Google’s stranglehold on the internet weren’t reward enough, the tech giants will be offering “some token of our appreciation.” Fingers crossed it is one of those secret sex robots I heard they were developing.

You can sign up for the user experience research here.